winking headlights

The Problem
Why don’t the controls for car headlights allow you to turn one headlight off or on at a time? Whenever I see a perdiddle (padiddle), my instinct is to “wink” at them with my own headlights . . . but no such option is available in Audrey’s Car. It’s a ridiculous urge, I know, but it’s one that’s hard for me to shake during this time of year in particular, when so many of my driving hours are in the dark.

There are other situations in which I would like to have a winking car, such as when:

  • passing dancing sign holders.
  • seeing Mormon missionaries biking around town.
  • flirting with oncoming traffic.

The Bright Idea
I’m thinking is that in addition to the standard headlight controls, you could have a couple of toggle switches installed on the dashboard, right on the side of the steering wheel. They would need to be “on-biased” switches, of course, so each light turns right back on as soon as you let go of the control; you wouldn’t want to inadvertently turn your own car into a perdiddle. Then whenever I’m in a winking mood—flip!—there it goes!

Discussion Questions

  • Question 1: The winking headlights concept sounds pretty useless at first glance, but some of the most valuable products and ideas are even more valuable when used in different ways than what they were originally intended for. What is the best application you can think of for this innovative new technology?
  • Question 2: My car has been christened “Audrey’s Car.” What is the name of your car?

One response to “winking headlights

  1. My car’s name is “Erma Bombeck” after a hero of mine…

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