For a couple of years I’ve been wanting to develop some sweet bread-making skills. I’ve baked bread before, but have always had difficulty getting consistent results. That’s the trouble, I guess, when working with live ingredients (i.e. yeast): it sometimes takes some careful persuasion to get them to behave properly.

It’s probably my brother’s summer job at Kneaders that inspired me to finally give bread baking a good college try. It has taken three tries, but I think I’ve finally produced a batch of baguettes this past weekend using a recipe from the King Arthur Flour recipe webpage. My loaves didn’t turn out especially pretty, maybe, but they tasted good: light and chewy on the inside, crusty on the outside.

The best part, though, is that yeast and I seemed to be getting along quite amiably by this last batch. Hopefully this is a step towards many future successes together. It’s definitely a good feeling knowing that at any given moment, I’m only nineteen hours away from some really good bread.

2 responses to “baguettes

  1. Wow! Those look really good! You should make home made bruschetta, does it really take 19 hours to make though? B/c I think there might be problem if it is. lol

    congrats on your baking adventures.

  2. I’ve made bread before, but one of my big goals that I’ve never gotten around to is making quality European-style bread. A hard thick crust, and a hearty interior. Bread that’s best broken off in chunks and consumed with a bit of Nutella or some fancy cheese.
    Some day…

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