oreos in adulthood

In American society these days, it’s hard to know exactly when you’ve made that transition into adulthood. For me I think it was somewhere around the time that I realized that the “original” Oreo cookie was the best possible configuration of frosting sandwiched between two cookie wafers. No other kind of Oreo—Double Stuf, Fudge Covered, or any other variety (including self-made “Quatro-Stuf” Oreos or worse)—has any added value to offer. The only thing your standard Oreo cookie is lacks is a brief dip in a glass of cold milk … and trying to package that sounds messy at best.

5 responses to “oreos in adulthood

  1. The “worse” picture makes me sick. I must finally be a grown up, now, too.

  2. I tend to be partial to the double stuff, but that’s mostly because I like to make my fattening snacks as damaging as possible while maintaining an edible nature…

  3. That picture reminds me of my stake Messiah choir back in Florida. My friend Christopher and I had a disgusting inside joke about a ‘superstuf’ oreo. However, I wish they would bring back the peanut butter oreos. Amber’s favorites are the mint ones.

  4. I think mine came when I came to believe that Oreos are actually bad for you. All of them.

    Still like double stuffed. :)

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