stories in progress

I’ve been thinking about how interesting it is to be able to open a novel or put in a movie that may have been sitting on the shelf for years and have the story told to you in that moment, separated though you are in time and space from the storytellers. And just as amazing, you can set the story aside at any time, put it back on the shelf, and have absolute confidence that whether you’re leaving for a two-minute bathroom break or a 27-month stint with the Peace Corps, the plot will not progress in your absence.

As a confirmed dabbler in books, short stories, movies, television, and sometimes even computer games, I’m usually juggling at least a half-dozen in-progress stories. It’s been a particularly busy couple of weeks in this respect. In my present Rand is getting his first look at the “worlds that might be,” while Harry is preparing to make his own excursion into the Nevernever. Sayid and “The Cheerleader” are both troubled because they no longer feel anything. Balsa is recovering from a close encounter with a Hunter’s sword. Paul has returned to the front; there are rumors of being reassigned to Russia. Orlando’s petitions of love for Rosalind are appearing all over Arden; meanwhile, Helena has recently realized that she still has not earned Detective Reese’s trust and respect. Speed changed the world of racing forever when he won the Grand Prix this past Saturday, and just last night Nanashi redeemed himself by saving both a dog and a boy (though the horse was not so lucky). It’s astonishing to think that, even in my quiet little life, so many different and exciting stories can be happening all at once.

So, I’m wondering: what’s your latest news? What’s been happening recently in the story-worlds you visit?

6 responses to “stories in progress

  1. Dr. Van Helsing, Quincy, Arthur, and Johnathan just had a close brush with Count Dracula in Dr. Seward’s home. Han Tzu has taken control of China, Simon and River narrowly avoided being burned at the stake, and Rand was able to laugh again.

  2. Jack is with Locke now, Dr. Horrible has joined the Evil League of Evil, Inara is now the leader of an alien invasion and Juliet is out to stop her. Barker and Llewelyn are going undercover in an Irish Resistance cell. Meanwhile America, China, and Persia are getting chummy, as a team of Aquanauts are assaulting their first large alien sub crewed entirely by Lobstermen. And the last time I checked everyone has just experienced the cleansing of the One Power, and I mean EVERYONE.

    • Barker and Llewelyn, eh? Maybe I should give Will Thomas a try?

      And good luck with the Lobstermen. What version of TFTD are you playing? The old copy I have doesn’t work so hot on new computers.

      • Amber introduced me to the Barker books. I read them out loud and try to get most of the accents.

        I use a program called DOSBox which basically emulates an older machine. I got a downloaded a copy of TFTD from I think I think. Some of those older games are considered abandonware since no one publish them anymore. But supposedly you can tell DOSBox to read from your cd/dvd drive. I got back into it after I read an article about how they are making a new xcom game, but it’ll be a first-person shooter. Turnbased just doesn’t do it for people any more.

      • Huh. I’m not sure why I prefer turn-based, but I do. The first and second X-Com, Civilizations IV, Master of Orion II, even Heroscape, I guess: these are the games that could (and probably still can) keep me up all night.

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