Pushing Daisies

It’s a bit strange, perhaps. Or unusual, maybe. Eccentric in a quaint way, like dessert spoons.

1) a pie maker with a very special ability, 2) an “alive-again” girlfriend, 3) a shop assistant who sometimes sings and dances (played by Kristin Chenowyth), 4) a private detective who knits in times of anxiety and stress, 5) Jim Dale of the Harry Potter audiobooks providing the narration, 6) quirky humor, 7) witty dialogue, and 8) an orchestrated version of They Might Be Giants’s “Birdhouse in Your Soul” (Episode 1.04, “Pigeon”). What’s not to like about Pushing Daisies? Just the fact that it was canceled, maybe.

My grade: A-

2 responses to “Pushing Daisies

  1. I loved Pushing Daisies! I was so sad when it was cancelled. *sigh* I also loved Wonder Falls. That one was cancelled as well. What is the world coming to when good shows are cancelled? I guess more reality tv…

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