Being a part of something special makes you special, right?

Heaven help me, I’ve been watching Glee.

Let’s be clear from the beginning: this show is about the music. Who couldn’t love those bright, colorful bits of dancing-and-singing joy?

Beyond that, it’s hard to imagine one show inspiring emotions at so many conflicting extremes all at the same time. You feel your repugnance gradually building as the show glibly churns out caricatures of stereotypes (epitomized in the mordant rantings of cheerleader coach and Glee Club nemesis Sue Sylvester); then, just when you feel you can’t stomach it anymore, the tone suddenly shifts for just a moment to something really true and human, something earnest. You’re left wondering if the creators actually had the satire under control all along, and if you aren’t safe riding in their back seat after all, at least for another episode or two.

My grade: A (a B- for the generally vapid story, with lots of extra credit for the music sequences)

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