Stargate Universe

We are on a ship, but we have no idea where we are in relation to Earth.

This is the Voyager of the Stargate franchise: a spaceship-load of unlikely companions is lost in space, trying to find a way home. I’ve never seen a full episode of any previous Stargate series, so I can’t really make any comparisons, but word has it this new spinoff is “edgier.” This, I assume, is why the characters are always shouting at each other, dying, having sex, and, on occasion, turning out to be lesbians.

Aside from the sometimes sensationalized “realism,” SGU has the feel of a pretty decent show still finding its groove. I don’t know that they’ve won me over at this point, but the series is probably worth checking in on from time to time.

My Grade: B+

One response to “Stargate Universe

  1. I’ve watched a bunch of SG Atlantis. I guess in a sense it was the DS9 of the SG universe. There they have a solitary home base away from any significnt reinforcements and are forced to deal with the implications of their decisions instead of just warping to the next adventure.

    My biggest beef with SG (Atlantis anyway) is how they recycle actors from other sci-fi shows. Kaylee from Firefly, The Doctor from Voyager, ‘Trip” Tucker from Enterprise, and then all the SG-1 people have come across for various lengths of time. Even the SG-1 team brought on a couple of actors from Farscape after that show ended. it got hard to keep track of which show I was watching sometimes.

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