utah valley: the return

So … it’s high time I posted something. Some kind of update or something. Nothing spectacular or witty, necessarily, but a little information on where I am and what I’m up to these days might be nice. So that’s what you’re going to get.

About a month ago I moved back to Provo. It was becoming certain that I would be working with BYU Field Studies for at least a while longer, and if I wanted to take advantage of cheaper summer rent, it was time to make a move. So on my way from the bus stop to work one morning, I stopped by the advertisement boards in the WSC and copied down the information on the three postings for guys’ apartments with private rooms. I made some calls before clocking in, dropped by one of the places that afternoon, and signed a contract at the landlord’s house in Draper on my way home that night. Such is the story of how I ended up moving back.

My place is on 800 E. Considering how busy 700 E and 900 E are, it’s a remarkably quiet area. The apartment itself is nothing special—the floorboards creak, and there’s a persistent musty smell—but I always say that home is where you hang your Cherubim and the Flaming Sword. In any case, it’s a fine time of year to be a pedestrian living south of campus. The trees are full of leaves, the temperatures pleasant, and the skies blue.

Since moving back I’ve been thinking about how strange it is to be in Provo for the first time without any of my friends from high school or from freshmen year around. I can’t believe it’s almost been ten years since I started school here! To me it feels like a completely different town these days.

To all of my friends—those who have weathered Happy Valley and those who have visited from time to time—it’s a thrill for me to hear what’s happening in your lives, to hear of the places you’re all going. I wish you all the best. Thanks for being such great people, and thanks for keeping in touch with the last man standing.

And know this, that if you find yourself in Provo in the near future, the protection of the Triumvirate can still be found here.

3 responses to “utah valley: the return

  1. Jay! You updated your blog… HOORAY!!Ahhh…. Utah Valley, isn’t it just the best? While growing up I swore that I would never ever live here. I mean, Seriously–what could be so happy about Happy Valley? And now I’ve lived in it for over eight years… I couldn’t be more happy. :P Have a great day!

  2. Provo…Despite all her faults, I still miss her.Several years ago, I also thought I had left for good.Now it seems that I finally have.Thanks for the great post.

  3. Provo is a magnet of incomprehensible strength. I’m back here again, too. I can’t seem to get away.

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