arrived in chennai

I arrived in Chennai on the night of 2 May, traveling via Los Angeles, Taipei, and Kuala Lumpur. The layover in Kuala Lumpur was actually long enough that they gave me a hotel room for the afternoon. Having boarded the plane in Salt Lake already moderately sleep-deprived, it was wonderful to crash in a bed for a few hours. It was also fun to see a little bit of Malaysia during the fifteen-minute taxi ride. To me it appeared to be a green and beautiful country, one in which I wouldn’t mind spending a little more time in the future.

After arriving in Chennai I spent a couple of days acclimating to India. The rest of the group, five women, came in a couple of days later. Since our female students are encouraged to dress like Indian women, we spent their first day shopping (the men also dress according to Indian norms, but in their case the clothing doesn’t differ so much from what we wear in the United States). Yesterday we attended church with the Chennai 2nd Branch—my first time to visit that particular congregation. As would be expected, the members were very friendly, their Spirit familiar, and the meetings well worth the trip. Otherwise we’ve mostly been sleeping, eating, and waiting for our train out of town. Chennai can be a very hot and humid place this time of year, and I’m excited, as usual, to get on to the village.

7 responses to “arrived in chennai

  1. Hey! I will try to be posting too, so our blogs might be really similar:

  2. John Robinson

    Mr. Mallard, Do you have a digital camera with you? It would be really interesting/educational to see pictures of where you are and some of the places you’re going to, kind of a where’s matt in one place (without the funny dance

  3. Aaagghh! You got to go to my Malaysia! It is beautiful, isn’t it? Kuala Lumpur is great, but it gets even more beautiful the further away from the city you get. AND you haven’t even touched East Malaysia!

  4. mallard! i’m glad you’ve arrived alive and well. eat a little dahl for me, will you?

  5. I like John’s name for your blog: ‘Bizarre Travelogue and Weight Loss Tips.’ Reminds me of the Robinson & Bostwick firm of weight control and relationship counselors. “Everyone would be a lot closer together if they would all gain 15 pounds.” Or something such.

  6. Definitely look for pictures in the future, John. Well said, Cougarg. And Mightybob, I already have. I already have.

  7. I’m confused; I really hope we’re not talking about the lovable author of children’s fiction.-John

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