two cities


Hyderbad’s actually another pretty nice city. Or maybe we just saw the better side of it. An old BYU student name Shahram is working on research there for his PhD in Education at Harvard. His wife and kids have gone back to America for a bit, leaving Shahram in a nice big empty house in Secunderbad (the name for the other half of the city of Hyderbad) with three full bathrooms, a fully functioning kitchen (with a refridgerator and microwave!), and a whole lot of floor space.

Shahram is a very interesting person to talk to, even more so for students who are basically where Shahram was ten or so years ago. He’s been doing research just like we have, only he’s got a lot more experience at it. So it was fun for students to discuss their projects and their future education plans.

The four branches of the Church in Hyderbad were watching General Conference the Saturday and Sunday while we were there. Listening to the talks and the choir music was a vacation of its own sort. Meanwhile we were making cinnamon rolls and potato soup in that beautful kitchen … it was really a heavenly three or four days.

The Golconda Fort out to the west of the city is also really amazing. It covers a huge area, and is full of the kind of ruins that people imagine when they hear the word “ruins.” I actually ended up going there twice, and hopefully those pictures turn out as well as the ones from Sravanabelagola.

Kolkata (Calcutta)

And now we’re in Kolkata, staying on Sutter Street. This is a really popular area for backpackers … which sadly has made it really seedy, even if cheap. I’ve never been offered drugs so many times in my life, and certainly not such a wide variety. Kolkata’s a chance for the students to do observations at various religious sites for various religions for their world religions course. And for me (I am not doing the world religions course this time around), it’s a chance to catch up on email, on my blog, and to try and figure out my upcoming semester.

So that’s the latest news from me.

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