a few more days in chavadi

Well, I only have a few more days in the village. Sorry I haven’t been writing more frequently. Mostly I’ve just been working on my research. It’s been really enjoyable to talk to people in the village though, to ask them about their religious observances. It’s been wonderful to be welcomed into their temples, and to see the way they worship. I’ve learned once again how similar human beings really are. As I watch them go to their holy places to pray for their families, for good health, for good employment, I can relate to the things that they’re feeling. I’ve gained a lot of respect for the faith that they demonstrate, for the depth of the emotions motivating them.

I’ll have to write more about that in the future as I’m processing these experiences and writing my paper.

The other big news is that Aaron, one of my best friends from high school and college, is visiting me in India for ten days. He flew into Chennai early Sunday morning. We went to church there, then caught the night train to Madurai and spent Monday seeing the giant Sree Meenakshi Temple in the city. On Tuesday morning we took the bus to Coimbatore and Chavadi, and he’s been hanging out with us as we’re wrapping up our last days in the village before leaving on the world religions tour. It’s been cool to have Aaron here, to be able to have someone else see what I’ve been seeing.

Well, we’re on our way to visit Shanti Ashram one last time, so I’d better get this posted.

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