Right now I’m sitting in an internet cafe in Kochi (Cochin), and it’s raining outside. The monsoon season is just getting started here, and it looks like our visit is going to be one long string of intermittent downpours.

This is a nice little tourist town, though. We’re staying in the Fort Cochin area, a neighborhood that manages to feel European and Indian at the same time. Things are a bit overpriced, and there seems to be a few too many white people on the street, but it’s a good break from our work in the village. And that’s why we’re here, to take a break for a few days.

Tonight I’m planning on watching some Kathakali dancing, a very interesting kind form of traditional storytelling. Then maybe tomorrow we’ll go on a backwater tour or something. Whatever.

I’m actually looking forward to getting some reading out of the way before going back on Saturday, and scheduling out the few remaining weeks in Chavadi. I have quite a number of interviews I need to do, and a whole half-village’s worth of shrines to figure out.

But for another couple of days at least, I’m just going to worry about eating fresh fish and not getting wet.

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